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About Chess Foundry

Chess Foundry is a hobby of mine designing digital chess sets and other chess related projects. You may ask, “Do we need more digital chess sets?” The answer is, “I suppose not really, but I don’t care.” Most of the popular chess sets used online work fine, but they are ugly. And most of the sets that look good are awkward to play with. This is about making digital chess sets that look good and are natural to use.

How can I use them?

The short answer is, it's a hassle. It requires some low-grade web browser hacking. There's a plugin called Stylish you can install on your webbrowser. All these sets can be used on lichess.com by installing one of the styles. They can all be found on my account page.

You can reach me at benjamin@friedrichdesign.co or @benjfriedrich on twitter.